PLANS to build more than 2,000 homes on green land to the south of Cirencester have sparked a heated debate among online readers of the Standard.

Users vented their frustration at the proposals, which will see 2,500 homes built in Chesterton as part of Cotswold District Council’s Local Plan, after developers revealed they were keen to listen to views of the local community.

Next month architect firm John Thompson and Partners will hold a consultation weekend to hear opinions of residents before the first plans are drawn up.

The plans have received a hostile reaction from people in the town ever since being announced in June of last year.

FredFred1 wrote online that the proposed development could put pressure on the town’s infrastructure.

“Given that most houses have more than one car, do we need another, let’s say, 3,000 cars trying to fit into the town’s car parks and roads?” he said.

“Put simply, this will be an irreversible act of destruction and is neither wanted nor needed.”

Veteran poster Geoff66 also drew attention to the town’s infrastructure. He wrote: “This is a wrong move for Cirencester and the wrong move for Chesterton.

“This isn’t about doubling the size of Chesterton, this is about Cirencester creating a new Chesterton and a brand new ward.”

Under the proposals, Cirencester will increase in size by just over 39 per cent with 3,360 homes to be built in addition to the existing 8,570 homes in the town.

Cirencester’s fluctuation will be the third largest in the district, behind Upper Rissington, which will increase in size by 98.2 per cent, and Andoversford, which will increase in size by 40.8 per cent.

MoanyGroan commented that the overwhelming negativity put forward by many would not benefit the town in the long run.

“Come up with a well thought through alternative that doesn’t just ‘diss’ what is being proposed and, who knows, you might actually bring about some change for the better,” he said.

Chesterton ward member Cllr Margaret Rickman encouraged all people, regardless of their views, to attend the consultation events.

“I would urge all people to go to these meetings to find out the facts and to hear all the details of the project,” she said.

The community planning weekend events will take place on Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10 at the Ashcroft Centre in Ashcroft Road.

Visit for further information.