THE head of the notorious King Richard III will remain on display at Sudeley Castle over the Easter holidays due to popular demand.

A 3D model based on the skull of Richard III, whose remains were discovered beneath a car park in Leicester last year, arrived at the tourist attraction earlier this month to a royal fanfare and much excitement.

The head, commissioned by the Richard III Society from the University of Dundee, was created using CT scans and photographs of the skull to create a digital image which the King Richard’s imitation head will remain on display until April 22 allowing the public one final chance to come face to face with one of England’s most important and controversial historical figures.

It will be the last chance to see the model on its tour of the UK before it returns to Leicester’s new King Richard III visitor centre. A permanent Richard III exhibition will remain at the castle throughout the year.

Lady Ashcombe, who owns and lives in Sudeley Castle & Gardens, said: “The arrival of the reconstructed head of Richard III was met with great excitement, and the exhibition has proved so popular that we have decided to extend his stay.”

Speculation has circulated around the king for hundreds of years due to the vicious legend about Richard III murdering his two nephews, this legend played a large part in earning him his evil reputation. Sudeley Castle was owed by Richard himself twice in his lifetime.

Sudeley Castle & Gardens has royal connections stretching back over 1,000 years and has played an important role in England’s history.

During the holidays Sudeley Castle will open up private rooms to the public including the Major’s Dressing Room and the Haunted Staircase, while popular artefacts will also be on display including Katherine Parr’s love letters, lacework reputedly made by Anne Boleyn and bed hangings made for Marie Antoinette.

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