JUST days after picnic benches in a Cirencester park were restored after a mindless graffiti attack, the wooden furniture has been left out of use after another senseless act of vandalism.

The benches in Chesterton’s Thistle Park, which had just been scrubbed of foul language, had their wooden slats snapped last week.

Cllr Roly Hughes, chairman of the Chesterton Community Project, said he was saddened to learn that the benches had been targeted again.

“I feel that people are just coming to the park and damaging the property for no reason. It is very disheartening to see,” he said.

“We had the graffiti issue one week and now this has happened. I just dread to think what could happen next week.”

The picnic benches, which have only been in the park for around six weeks, had been bought by the local community group as something everyone in Chesterton could benefit from.

Cllr Hughes said: “The park is used by families with young children on a daily basis, if they want somewhere to sit down now they will be snookered.

“The money for these benches was given to us by the local church, I just feel that the money has gone to waste.”

Although it is unknown who carried out the act, Cllr Hughes has pointed the finger at bored schoolchildren looking for trouble during the Easter Holidays. Members of the Chesterton Community Project will now look at ways of funding the necessary repair work.

Vandalism has long been a problem in Chesterton, last year red paint was sprayed on two sculptures at the Four Acres playing field and on children’s artwork in the Stroud Road subway.

For more information on the Chesterton Community Project, visit www.wiltsglosstandard.co.uk.