FLOOD devastated Malmesbury Victoria FC has issued a desperate appeal for urgent financial help.

The club, which has been struggling for months due to repeated flooding at its Flying Monk ground, does not even have enough cash to pay the match officials for their next game on Wednesday.

Secretary Julie Exton posted on Facebook this afternoon warning the Vics team and fans they had a matter of days to turn the situation round.

“The club is in a serious financial way, the only money it has is the float in the till. Unless players pay any fines outstanding there will not be a match on Monday or Wednesday. As we have no money to pay officials,” she said.

“The club cannot get any worse than it is. We took over two seasons ago with £20 in the till. But with the debts to pay now, it cannot go on without a life line. Flooding has been a real problem. But if the town want a football club to carry on next season., we need help big time from the community.”

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