A FITNESS fanatic from the Cotswolds has hit out at Tesco for advertising a hamper stuffed full of chocolate treats as part of a raffle raising money for charity Diabetes UK.

Personal trainer Graeme Hilditch slammed the Cirencester store on Twitter for offering such a prize. He tweeted on his account @fitFAQS: "Can we really let Tesco get away with this staggeringly distasteful irony! It's just so wrong!"

He also posted a picture (shown above) of the hamper packed with chocolate Easter eggs at the Cirencester Tesco Metro store in the town centre, with a sign underneath showing the proceeds were going to the Diabetes charity.

When approached, a spokesman for Tesco said: "Our colleagues do incredible fundraising work for our national charity partner, Diabetes UK.

"We are proud that over £10 million has been raised so far, which will go towards helping people reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, supporting people who live with diabetes as well as funding ground-breaking research to find a vaccine."

Yet Mr Hilditch said the irony was "laughable" and tweeted Tesco's twitter account to ask why they could not have chosen a "better raffle prize".

A spokesman for Diabetes UK also added: "We recommend that everyone follows a healthy balanced diet and takes regular physical activity.

"People shouldn’t worry about occasional treats if they are eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet and in moderation."

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