EX-ARMY medic Katrina Brown, whose supporters raised more than £100,000 to pay for her lifesaving treatment, is now undergoing chemotherapy in a Chicago hospital.

Standard readers donated thousands for the desperate appeal, meaning that she was able to have the pioneering stem cell procedure.

She is keeping in touch with friends and supporters through Facebook and in an update yesterday she paid tribute to her specialist, Dr Richard Burt.

She said: "Think I'm through the worst of what I'm calling chemo hangover lol. “Poor Dr Burt, we rang him at 05:00 this morning and with no complaint whatsoever he was up out of bed writing me a new prescription. He even rang back twice after an hour to see if I was any better. So glad I'm doing this here under his care."

Katrina, whose husband Martin is based at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks at South Cerney, was told she was exposed to depleted uranium when she was on a posting Iraq ten years ago.

Four years ago she was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis, a terminal conditions which hardens organs.

She was told she could not have stem cell treatment on the NHS in the UK, but discovered the procedure was being carried out successfully in America. The treatment involves stripping her immune system with chemotherapy and reintroducing her own harvested stem cells.