A CHARITY garden in Lechlade is looking to recruit a trainee to spend a year learning about all aspects of horticulture.

Ryton House has an opportunity available for men and women of any age and with any kind of experience.

Garden owner Barbara McNaught has taken on trainees in the past in partnership with the national charity Women's Farm and Garden Association based in Cirencester.

The chosen applicant will spend two days a week working in the garden and learning the skills that will enable them to work as a self-employed gardener or as part of a larger team.

Sally Abell of WFGA said the scheme, which was set up 21 years ago, was originally targeted at women but is now open to men and women of any age.

"The only requirement is a passion for gardening," she said.

The WFGA has over 80 training gardens in the UK. The chosen gardener will work 15 hours a week for which a small training allowance of £70 a week is paid. Once a placement is accepted there is a fee of £350 to the WFGA that can be paid in instalments.

Contact 01285 658339 or email admin@wfga.org.uk for more information.