BUSINESSES in Cirencester for which speed is of the essence have spoken out on the relentless problems caused by constant tailbacks on the A417 missing link.

It is hoped that, with county-wide support, a new dual carriageway could replace the five kilometre stretch of single-lane traffic and end rush hour misery for thousands of commuters.

The scheme, known as the A417 Loop, needs to be added to the government’s list of future road schemes and around £250million of funding to get off the ground.

Stuart Harris, manager of Cirencester-based haulage firm SRH General Services Ltd, has said that the dual carriageway would “without a doubt” solve the daily problems seen on the road.

“When I have to use the A417, I do find that there is always constant congestion. It affects business because being stuck in traffic can lead to deliveries being late and wasting fuel,” he said.

Around 34,000 vehicles use the A417 every day and at peak times traffic can build up for several miles on either side of the missing link.

Paul Perry, owner of Cirencester taxi firm Siren Cars, said that the road’s problems have lead him to find alternate routes when travelling in the direction of Cheltenham.

“Over the years I have been stuck in so many traffic jams on that road that I have just learnt to completely avoid it at certain times of the day,” he said.

Mr Perry also said that people should not be surprised that the road is so busy as there is a signpost on the M5 directing people travelling to London to use the single-carriageway road.

He said: “That road is almost a motorway. I would say that more cars use that road on any day than on certain motorways.”

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