DYSON has submitted outline proposals for an expansion that will double the size of its Malmesbury headquarters.

A masterplan that includes a new research and development building, a call centre and two new roundabouts on congested junctions close to the Tetbury Hill site has been lodged with Wiltshire Council weeks after the firm announced it wanted to increase the workforce to 3,000.

A design statement by architect Robin Phillips says the company is looking to double the useable floor area of existing facilities and solve parking problems affecting neighbouring businesses.

“The preferred masterplan has evolved through several versions taking into account consultations with the various authorities and local community. Suggestions raised during the public consultation process have been carefully considered,“ he said in his report.

Access to the extended site will be from four separate routes. The existing security gate and car park will remain, Beutell Way will be extended to serve a new southern car park, the access road at the side of the Persimmon HQ will be lengthened and a new access will be added, both to serve another new car park.

Traffic surveys have been carried out at both the Tetbury Hill junction and the junction with the A429, which suffer congestion during the rush hour.

“The junction assessments have identified that improvements are required to three off-site junctions in order to effectively offset the traffic implications of the proposed development.

“These involve conversion of the Tetbury Road/Tetbury Hill junction to a three-arm roundabout, conversion of the Filands Road/Crudwell Road junction to a four-arm roundabout and minor widening of the Crudwell Road southbound approach to the Whychurch roundabout.”

The report adds: “Within the site there will be proposals for a network of attractive, safe, appropriate-lit pedestrian routes linking the key areas by foot. These routes will also feed into the town centre and the local facilities.”

The plan calls for a “lean, clean, green” energy policy using zero carbon technology and high energy efficiency. The idea of using rainwater for toilet flushing is being examined and the plans include plans for bike storage and a shuttle bus along with bus stops and cycle paths in the area.

“These measures will aim to decrease single-occupancy car commuting to the Dyson site and reduce congestion impact on the local community,” said Mr Phillips.

The company guards its design secrets closely and has sent a confidential statement about proposed site security measures to planners.

But Mr Phillips said: “Those measures which are anticipated to be visible in the wider landscape will replicate the existing our security fence and associated planting has been carefully considered to allow screening of fencing an, devices and other measures.”

The application, which was lodged yesterday can be seen on the Wiltshire Council website. For a full story see next week's Standard.