A YOUNG woman whose three-year-old daughter died from a brain tumour was a stranger who truly deserved an overwhelming gift, according to a generous Cirencester businessman.

Richard King was challenged to do something worthy for a stranger as part of a new internet phenomenon. The RAK nominations see friends challenge each other to carry out a random act of kindness (RAK).

Usually those acts involve buying a stranger in need a sandwich, or giving chocolate to weary shoppers.

Richard decided to go several steps further by giving away a £3,000 Smart car, with tax and insurance.

And after being inundated by requests from people suggesting who they thought would be a deserving cause, Richard finally chose Swindon mum Hayley Gooden.

Richard, who owns car dealership Clear Water Vehicles in Poole Keynes, said Hayley’s story stood out.

The 28-year-old’s daughter Shaniqua died two years ago from a brain tumour. She was nominated by a friend because despite the tragedy she “just gets on with it”.

Now Hayley and her other daughter Dyniesha, 8, are looking forward to a summer zipping around in their brand new car and are even planning to go on holiday.

“I chose Hayley because she’s been through so much in her life and at the moment she drives this battered old car to work,” Richard said. “She deserved it.

“It was such a tough decision to make, but I feel so happy I did it.”

Hayley was tricked by friends into turning up at Richard’s garage so that he could surprise her by handing over the keys.

“I was just in complete shock. I started crying,” said Hayley. “That someone has done this for me is overwhelming.”