A RADICAL shake up of Cirencester’s electoral wards could result in some well known areas in the town being given a new identity.

Under new plans, put forward by the Local Government Boundary Commission, Cirencester’s five existing wards will be increased to eight with the new wards being given new names.

At a meeting of Cirencester Town Council on Tuesday, March 11, members discussed new names for the Beeches and Chesterton wards following proposals to split the wards in two.

Members agreed that the new Chesterton West and Chesterton East wards would be renamed as Fouracres and simply Chesterton, respectively.

Cllr Margaret Rickman said it was important to hold onto the Chesterton name for at least one of the new wards as it is “part of the town’s history”.

However, names for the new Beeches North and Beeches South wards proved more challenging for the members with a number of suggestions being submitted and then vetoed.

Councillors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict and it was agreed that the decision making process be delegated to the Beeches Community Group at its meeting on Thursday, March 13.

It was decided that Beeches North be renamed as just Beeches while the Beeches South ward would be known as New Mills, after a historic street in the town.

Group chairman Stuart Tarr said that the name Kingshill, which was suggested for Beeches North, had to be thrown out as there is a road of the same name in Beeches South.

Members of the town council agreed that Abbey ward would be a suitable new name for the Park and Whiteway ward.

The proposed new names will now be sent back to Cotswold District Council, which is orchestrating a boundary review of the whole district.

To view the plans and to leave comments, visit www.lgbce.org.uk.

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