WALKERS in South Cerney were left wondering if they were taking the path of God after a mysterious Christian spiritual symbol appeared on a popular walkway in the town.

Last month, following high winds, two broad leaf trees on the Bow Wow footpath fell and narrowly missed the Grade II listed Gazebo building, which is located next to the Bow Wow pathway.

A contractor employed by Gloucestershire County Council (GCC), chopped down and removed the trees but following that a mysterious carving of a cross appeared on one of the stumps which were left behind.

GCC ruled out the cross being created through a miraculous act of God by confirming that a tree surgeon from the firm crafted it.

Scott MaCaulay-Lowe, a spokesman for GCC, said on Tuesday, March 3 that the contractor made the carving under its own initiative and it would be removing the cross by the end of the day.