A TETBURY cycling enthusiast has started a campaign to encourage people to get on their bikes and turn Tetbury into a popular cycling hub.

Ian Bailey, who is the hotelier at The Ormond At Tetbury hotel in the town, is working with Tetbury Town Council to make Tetbury more welcoming to cyclists to residents and tourists.

As part of his plans, he wished to encourage people to cycle along the many lanes in the Tetbury area and to create a cycling route along Long Furlong Lane, which goes out of Tetbury to Westonbirt Aboretum.

He has also helped organised the Wiltshire Falling Leaves Sportive cycling event in September, which will see cyclist take part in either a 30k or a 60k ride that will start in Tetbury and finish at Westonbirt Aboretum.

Mr Bailey said: “I want people to be really enthusiastic about getting out there and enjoying the lanes.

“The long terms plans are to make cycling even better and then to get a cycling lane from here to Tetbury. I have been working hard with Tetbury Town Council to get cycling route up towards Tetbury.

“There is a lot going on with cycling at the moment. I am in conversation with a lot of lot of people in the town to make Tetbury a cycling hub.

“We are trying to develop the idea of recognising Tetbury as a cycling town. We want more people cycling around the beautiful little lanes that there are around here.

“If we can get the hub set up by the summer it will be a really good way to get people to come to the area for the Sportive.

“It is going to create an opportunity to bring more people into Tetbury and creating a hub.”

Mr Bailey is working with the council to set up the cycle lane to Westonbirt Aboretum and to install bike racks around the town to make it more accessible for cyclist.

He also wishes to work with Tetbury business to encourage cyclists to come to town by asking them to put up stickers and posters that promote cycling.

Mr Bailey currently promoting cycling in the area through his cycling group, the Ormond Velos, which meets on Saturdays and has over 40 members Mr Bailey is also encouraging cyclist to come to Tetbury by offering cycling packages through his website www.cotswoldcyclingbreaks.co.uk Through the packages guest are invited to stay at Mr Bailey’s hotel and are given a GPS device with pre-programmed routes around the area.

If you would like to help Mr Bailey with his campaign then call him on 01666 505690.