A PENSIONER claims he is being ignored after battling with a housing association for nine years to try to tackle water flooding his home.

Roy Holden, 83, is a lease-holder in a Bromford Housing Association-owned property in Cirencester.

He has suffered for almost a decade from a leak in his roof which he cannot repair without outside help.

“When it rains, the walls run with water,” he said. “At my age I just don’t need this.”

Mr Holden claims to have had little communication with Bromford, and said he was frustrated by the lack of help forthcoming.

A spokesman for Bromford has said that the reason no work has been done recently is because the weather has been so wet.

“I have to put bowls out to catch the water,” said Mr Holden, who lives in Lavender Lane.

“I’ve had enough. They are doing absolutely nothing and I just can’t take it anymore.”

He has also had scaffolding set up outside his house by Bromford, but said it has been there for a whole month with no-one coming to use it.

Head of neighbourhood at Bromford Suzanne Shead said she sympathised and the company was working hard to resolve the problem.

“Unfortunately, since the scaffolding went up the weather has either been wet so the repair won’t dry and bond correctly, or too windy to have engineers safely on the scaffolding,” she said.

Mr Holden said even the scaffolding was a problem as it stopped him opening his windows.

The 83-year-old said he first noticed the roof leak in September 2005 and it was repaired soon after. Less than three years later the roof was inspected again for leaks and Mr Holden said it had been a constant struggle to get Bromford to repair the leak properly so that it does not come back.

“I’ve been completely ignored. Roofers have not arrived when they say they will to fix the leak,” he added.

Suzanne Shead said that Bromford had kept Mr Holden informed throughout the situation.

“Our contractor will be carrying out the work as soon as we have two consecutive days of dry weather forecast,” she said.