A BOY from Northleach is doing a sponsored run around his town to raise money for research to beat the cancer that killed his grandfather.

Johnty Tennant, aged nine, will be running five laps – almost four miles – around Northleach town centre on Sunday, March 16, in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.

His grandfather, David Tennant, died last May of the disease aged 69-years-old.

Johnty hopes his run will raise both money and awareness of the disease.

“When my granddad died I felt really sad and wanted to do this so no more men would die of prostate cancer,” said Johnty.

“I’m quite nervous as I’ve never done a sponsored run before.”

Parents Mark and Liz were taken aback when their son announced his plan.

“It was all his idea and we’ve only helped out with little things like setting up the website and the sponsorship,” said Mark.

“He’s quite a mature boy for his age and his granddad’s death really affected him,” added Liz.

Johnty is training most afternoons for his run.

On every lap, he rings the doorbell so his parents know he is still safe.

Mark added: “My dad would be so proud of Johnty if he was here today.”

This month is Prostate Cancer Awareness month.

The charity Prostate Cancer UK helps more men survive the disease and enjoy a better quality of life, while funding research into the cancer.

Sponsor Johnty at justgiving.co.uk/johntynorthleach