AN ARTIST from the Cotswolds has drawn a crowd of followers in New York with his modern and vibrant work.

Limited edition prints of Teddy M’s work will be appearing in a big American city gallery in the next few weeks, side by side with other famous artwork.

Teddy, who lives near Barnsley, describes himself as a contemporary pop artist.

His first exhibition of works took place in Belgravia, London, and was followed up with an invite to showcase his work at the largest Ferrari showroom in Europe.

Now, he is preparing to show a new collection of limited edition prints in New York, including some which have taken inspiration from the Cotswolds.

“My work was such a hit in New York,” said Teddy. “There was a lot of enthusiasm from other artists and now I just have to decide which gallery space I want to choose.

“It can cost up to £4,000 to do a show.”

Although he believes the Cotswolds takes a more traditional view on art and might not warm to his work, Teddy does take a lot of his inspiration from his home in the countryside.

One of his prints features a bright green pair of wellington boots on a vibrant pink background while another takes on an equestrian theme.

Limited edition prints will be sold for around £1,800 each while originals go for £5,000.

“A lot of people think you have to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle to be inspired, but not necessarily,” he said.

“Just sitting outside looking at beautiful scenery here gives me ideas which I might not get sitting outside a café in a concrete jungle.”

Teddy describes his work as being inspired by the street art and graffiti of the original New York icons of the 1980’s.

Last year Teddy hit the headlines with his collection of portraits of famous celebrities and stars, including Joan Collins and Eric Clapton, but he has decided to move away from that style of artwork.

“I’m moving away from portraits. I like to do my own thing completely and a lot of people do portraits,” he explained.

Visit for further information and to view more of Teddy M’s work.