POLICE have issued a warning after a crooks attempted to con a burglary victim into giving this credit card pin number by claiming to be calling from his bank.

A bank card was stolen from a guest at Whatley Manor near Malmesbury on Friday morning and the victim later received a call from a thief claiming to be from the Halifax bank, stating that an attempt had been made to use it in Chippenham.

The thief then asked for the PIN and security codes, but the victim refused.

Sgt Martin Alvis said victims often did not know their cards had been stolen until they received a call.

“The caller will say they are from the police or bank and to ask you to check and see if you have had your cards stolen as there has been some unusual activity with them,” he said.

“You look and see that they have gone and because of the call, instantly think its genuine. The caller then asks you to confirm your details including the PIN. Once they obtain the PIN the call is terminated.”

He urged: “Never, ever give the PIN to anyone, not family, not the bank, no one. The police would never need to know your PIN. Unfortunately this scam is very believable and does catch people out.”