PATCHY mobile phone signal in Cirencester and the surrounding area has been branded as “appalling” by users of an online forum.

Members of the Vodafone forum launched a scathing attack on the network provider following weeks of disruption to their mobile phone signal.

“I’ve only been with Vodafone since November 12 and this has been the seventh time since then that I have been left with no phone or 3G signal,” one user, under the name Mulla, wrote.

“This is by far the most incompetent network I’ve ever used. I am counting the days until November when I can switch to any company but November.”

The criticism heaped on Vodafone was not isolated with other members who have had similar experiences airing their grievances.

Another person, writing under the screen name Libra66, said it was time that the phone operator acted on the issue.

The user said: “The issue is that the signal in Cirencester is appalling and it is about time Vodafone did something about it.

“Cirencester residents are fed up with a next to useless signal, constant drop outs, no service message and a patchy, and less than useless, 2G service.”

A spokesman for Vodafone said that recent signal failures in the GL7 area were the result of a power outage and that engineers were looking at ways to improve reception.

“Vodafone coverage in Cirencester is generally good but, as with all operators, local masts do sometimes develop faults. We know this is frustrating for our customers and our engineers work hard to get sites up and running as soon as they can.”

Vodafone customers in Cirencester have been struggling with signal issues for months with many online users claiming they were left without coverage for up to six days last July.

One user SSGL7 wrote at the time: “There isn’t any service, it’s as simple as that in Cirencester. I suggest you divert your massive sponsorship deals and put the money in customer service instead.”

A Vodafone spokesman told the Standard that the company is always looking for ways to improve their service.

“We are constantly working to improve coverage and capacity on our network. We are investing more than £2.5million every day in improvements.

“Our commitment is to provide 3G coverage to 98 per cent of the population over the next few years.”

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