TIME is running out for women to secure a place in Cancer Research UK’s upcoming Race for Life.

Cancer Research UK is urging woman of all ages from around Cirencester to sign up in the fight against cancer by entering one of the races being held at Cirencester Park on Sunday, July 20 at 11am.

Last year the town saw 1,340 women take part in Race for Life, raising a total of £76,321. This year the organisers are hoping for 1,500 women and girls to join forces and take part to help raise £90,252.

Along with the usual five kilometre event, this year will also hold a new ten kilometre event for the women who wish to increase their challenge for charity. Also new this year is the opportunity to sign up through group entry, meaning women can sign up for the race with friends and family and even create a group name.

Cancer Research UK’s South West Events Manager Kelly Rumble said: “We hope that the group entry will encourage more people to sign up and help reach our target. Heart Radio has been doing group races in various locations around the country and we hope more people will follow them and sign up in a group.”

So far this year’s Race for Life has registered 95 women for the five kilometre race, and 56 women for the ten kilometre race. With the race still being several months away, the charity hopes that hundreds more women will sign up.

“This year we hope to reach, or exceed the target of 1,500 women and we are hoping the new 10k race will encourage more people to participate,” Kelly continued. “Hopefully those women who have participated in the Race for Life for several years and train hard every year will be keen to push their challenge up to 10k.”

The money raised through Race for Life allows the doctors, nurses and scientists of Cancer Research UK to progress further in their research and to help find cures for over 200 cancers that affect all genders and all ages.

The revolutionary work of Cancer Research UK does not receive Government funding, however, with the people of Cirencester’s help, the charity hopes to bring forward the day when every cancer is cured.

To enter Race for Life go to raceforlife.org or call 0845 600 6050

For other volunteering opportunities with Cancer Research UK visit cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/volunteer