SEWAGE problems in Fairford are still ongoing, one councillor reported at the most recent town council meeting.

Christmas was ruined for many Fairford residents as sewage and flood water in their homes meant carpets and possessions were ruined and toilets could not be used or flushed.

Cllr Trevor Hing said the problems had now intensified in the town with sewage leaking out of the manhole covers on the High Street.

“Raw sewage coming out onto the street is not acceptable in today's age,” he said. “Residents are unable to flush their toilets. This is a big issue and it’s bad enough before we’ve even connected a single dwelling from the new housing developments.”

Cllr Mark Wardle said Thames Water had offered to meet the town council to discuss the issues of sewage and what can be done.

Cllr Hing, who is also chairman of Fairford Flood Alleviation Scheme added: “I just can’t see an end to this at the moment. But we are doing all we can to try and address this.”