AFTER a lengthy delay, work has finally begun on building the new Watermoor School building at Kingshill in Cirencester.

Construction work started on the new build late last month with heavy machinery bought in to dig the extensive foundations.

Jo Pearce, head teacher of Watermoor Primary School, said that everyone at the school is happy things are moving along.

“It feels exciting. I have been to see the progress on the site and I have shared the news with the children,” she said.

“The children whooped and cheered about the diggers. The delays have not dampened our spirits because we have such a wonderful project team that have been working around the clock to get it all started as quickly as possible.”

Work on the new building was pencilled in to start before the end of last year but was delayed because of legal issues relating to the use of the land.

The school’s move to the Kingshill site, which is covered by a covenant, was thrown into jeopardy when one of the covenant holders objected to a school being built on land put aside for football pitches.

With legal discussions complete, Mrs Pearce anticipates that, the school will be finished in time for September 2015.

“We don’t know what will happen with the weather, for example. So we have to update our community with the progress,” she said.

“That is all we can do. The most important thing is that we will have a well-constructed, well-designed, exciting new building for our pupils.”

Rumours have already began circulating as to what will happen to the old Watermoor School when the pupils move out, with many believing that a nearby school will take over the building.

Unable to shed any light on the situation, Mrs Pearce said: “Part of the school site is listed and another part is owned by Diocese, so I’d imagine it is quite a complicated process.

“We are not involved in these decisions but I know the local authority is looking into options for the future.”

A spokesman for Gloucestershire County Council was unable to say, at this stage, what will happen to the old school building.