STUDENTS working in the Animal Centre at Cirencester College have a new visitor into their midst, a lost ferret called Robbie.

The lost and found ferret, which was in urgent need of attention, has been nursed back to full health by the students over the last few weeks and has even been treated to a manicure by having its sharp claws cut.

Robbie was also given anti-parasite treatment and was taken to the vets for the full once over.

“When Robbie arrived a week ago he was very underweight. His claws were overgrown and he had fleas and ear mites,” said Haley Lobo, animal management technician.

“Thanks to the care of our students, he has made great progress in such a short space of time.”

It is hoped that the ferret will soon be introduced to the college’s three other ferrets, Josh, Mum and Woo Woo.

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