A SOUTH CERNEY woman has launched her own home business, giving others life guidance through cooking and chatting.

Dulcie James launched Taste the Memory in October with an aim to help others with issues such as bereavement, stress and anxiety.

Described as a naturally compassionate woman, the 56-year-old mother and wife combines her life guidance skills and qualifications with cooking.

“My father died last July and I experienced first hand the effect his death had on my mum,” said Dulcie.

“She didn’t enjoy cooking for one and grief made her go off her food. So I started to cook for her.”

Dulcie went on to say how they both brought memories of her dad back through cooking some of his favourite meals, such as steak and kidney pie, and cake.

“I make a Victoria sponge for mum every month now. That’s how Taste the Memory was born.”

Dulcie does not see herself as a coach or a counsellor and said by no means does she consider herself a master chef, but instead, more of a wholesome, traditional cook. She was nicknamed “the chilli queen” during her time as hospitality manager at Comstor in Cirencester because of her love of spice.

As well as bereavement, she has also met with people who suffer from stress and anxiety.

“I once had a person come and visit me who was in a really bad way. She had been off work for three months, but after visiting me I got her back to work in seven weeks,” said Dulcie. “I helped change her focus. We made marmalade together and talked about the world.”

Dulcie even uses her own experiences to help her clients feel comfortable and open up to her.

“In October, my 18-year-old daughter, Lauren, had a very serious car crash,” she said. “She started having nightmares after and would wake up crying and screaming, terrified to be trapped in the car.”

Dulcie studies Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques which help people to communicate and understand others more.

“I used the skills I learnt through NLP to help my daughter treat her phobia. The first time I ran the course with her, she slept straight through the night.”

Visit tastethememory.co.uk to find out more.