A BLOOD donor in Lechlade has just celebrated his one hundredth donation and is now raising awareness of the life-saving service.

Peter Combes received an award for reaching his one hundredth blood donation, something which takes at least 36 years before it can be achieved.

The 54-year-old Lechlade resident started donating blood at the age of 18 when he was in the army.

He believes that today there are not enough donors, especially young donors, coming forward to give blood and he wants to raise more awareness of just how easy it is and the sense of achievement that being a donor can bring.

“I know it can be inconvenient and giving blood takes up to an hour when time is precious but it’s important we get more donors,” he said.

“To get an award for 100 donations, you have to start early. You can only give blood about three times a year as it takes 12 weeks for blood to re-grow once you’ve donated.”

Peter was presented with his award at the Four Pillars Hotel in Oxford and said it was a fantastic evening.

Despite his own achievements he is worried not enough people are following in his footsteps.

“I think more local knowledge is needed. Giving blood isn’t as arduous as it appears and you do feel really good giving blood. It’s always for people in need in the UK and it doesn’t get sold to anyone.”

Visit blood.co.uk find out more about giving blood in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.