PUPILS at Watermoor Primary School in Cirencester are not progressing as much as they should because teachers are setting them work that is too easy, according to the findings of a recent Ofsted inspection.

Following its previous inspection, the school was given a good rating however, in light of its most recent Ofsted visit, the school has dropped a ranking and now is in need of improvement.

The teaching at Watermoor received the most criticism with inspectors saying that “although improving rapidly, teaching is not yet good enough to ensure that pupils in all classes make good progress.”

Inspectors also agreed that in a number of lessons the teachers had not clearly set out what the pupils were expected to do and learn.

The Ofsted report stated that “when his happens pupils do not gain the maximum benefit from their work”.

It was also noted that the presentation of pupils’ work is “not always of the highest quality”.

In a letter addressed to parents, head teacher Jo Pearce said that the school was already working on these issues before the inspection.

“Plans were already in place to accelerate our pupils’ progress and address the areas the inspector identified because we are committed to helping all pupils achieve their full potential,” she said.

“The underlying message throughout the inspection was that there was a lot of good practice in place, but that we need to give the initiatives time to have an effect on standards.”

The school, which is smaller than the average-sized primary with just 102 pupils, was praised by Ofsted for the good conduct of its children.

“Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is consistently good. Pupils have a great desire to learn and this contributes greatly to their improving achievement,” the report read.

The inspector Michael Bartleman, who sat in on eight lessons on December 11 and 12, commended the “strong leadership” of the head teacher and that her efforts had “improved the quality of teaching and pupils’ attainment”.

He said: “She has managed the pace of change effectively and created a harmonious community, where morale is high.”

The school has been told that it will not receive any additional monitoring from Ofsted over the next two years.

Mrs Pearce said: “Please be reassured, we will continue to be the best school we can be and address the issues raised in the inspection report.”

To read the full report, visit www.watermoor.gloucs.sch.uk.