RESIDENTS of a street in Fairford have hit out at the town’s Eight Bells pub, saying late night noise and shouting is making their lives unbearable.

Residents, living close to the East End pub, said loud music and drunken customers can sometimes be heard in the early hours of the morning.

Landlady Kassy Harris denied the criticisms and said the venue’s music system had a noise limiter which stopped it from ever being played too loudly. She added that she had a late licence for Friday and Saturday nights, allowing her to sell alcohol until 2am and to remain open until 2.30am.

East End resident Linda Larner said it was people leaving the pub that caused the nuisance.

“I can hear foul-mouthed girls late at night coming down the street usually,” she said.

“People say they hear the music pumping and sometimes I think it’s coming from the air base it’s so loud, but then I realise it’s the pub.

“You just have to turn up the television and block it out.”

Kassy said she had told residents to come forward with their concerns in the past but had heard nothing.

“A pub is a pub and nothing is silent in a small village,” she continued.

“I sometimes hear shouting at 4am in my bed but it’s not from my pub. Our noise levels are less than a quarter of the allowable noise limit.”

One resident said they had reported the matter to the police but nothing had yet been done.

A spokesman from Gloucestershire Police said officers had not received any complaints since early autumn time.

“The main issues surround anti-social behaviour by customers drinking outside for which there are conditions on the license which will be enforced,” he said.

Defending comments about people drinking outside Kassy said no customers are allowed to after 11pm.