A DOTING auntie from Cirencester has pledged to shave off her long locks to support her terminally ill niece.

Liz Maw, 44, who works at the Friar Tuck Fish and Chip Shop, made the decision to go bald after her niece Lyndsey Roughton, an ex Deer Park pupil, was told that her brain tumour was incurable.

Liz told the Standard that doctors have recently stopped giving Lyndsey, 29, any form of treatment for the cancer.

“She is just on medication now that will stop her from having the symptoms of a brain tumour, like seizures,” she said.

“Her brain is telling parts of her body what to do. She has trouble getting her legs to move when trying to stand up. But she is still upbeat and she still likes to have a boogie when she’s up.

“We don’t know how long she’s got left. She’s such a fighter though. The symptoms that she is getting now, the doctors thought would come on 18 months ago.”

Liz hopes that the head shave will raise somewhere between £4,000 and £5,000 and generate much-needed awareness into research into brain tumours.

She said: “I’m not that bothered about losing my hair just yet, I’m only worried that it will grow back grey. I’m sure I’ll be crying on the actual day though.”

A charity breakfast event was also held at Friar Tuck’s in Dyer Street on Sunday, February 2 between 8am and 12pm in aid of brain tumour research.

For more information and to donate, visit www.lynz-mybraintumour.org.uk or www.justgiving.com/liz-mawheadshave1.