STAFF at a Cirencester football club are trying to make the best of a bad situation by commissioning the graffiti artist who vandalised their club house.

The clubhouse at Stratton Youth FC was hit by graffiti earlier this month but instead of seeking punishment for the artist, the team are looking to hire the person to paint more fitting mural.

Gordon Varley, club secretary, explained that the graffiti was discovered by his wife the morning after one of the club’s home games.

“It isn’t offensive graffiti but we are looking at spending around £250 to get it removed. We’d really like it if he or she could come back and do something football themed to tie in with the club,” he said.

“It was obviously done by somebody that knows what they are doing. It wasn’t just some kid with a spray can.”

The graffiti, which is centred around a slogan reading ‘life is beautiful’, was painted onto the back wall of the clubhouse.

However, Cliff Thrussell, chairman of the club, was less understandable saying that he was “absolutely livid” over the situation.

“I’m appalled by it. It’s a kick in the teeth for everyone involved in the club. We have got to spend money on cleaning and treating the wall now. That’s money that now won’t be spent on training equipment,” he said.

Mr Thrussell said that he would like to meet the person responsible to discuss a clean-up operation of the graffiti.

Anyone with information on the graffiti attack should contact Gordon Varley on 07969637810.