A DRUG user from Cirencester who headbutted an elderly disabled man and broke his cheekbone and eye socket in a row over a disabled space has been allowed to walk free from court today.

Pensioner David Gouvier was attacked by Scott McKenna, of Querns Road in Cirencester, for telling his mum Tracy she should not have parked in the disabled bays at Lidl, Cirencester, without a blue badge.

McKenna, 27, became angry and agitated and unleashed a “lunging headbutt” at Mr Gouvier, 68, before walking off “with a swagger”, Gloucester Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Julian Kesner told the court: "Mr Gouvier had gone shopping at Lidl's in Love Lane, Cirencester. He parked in a disabled space in the car park.

"As he was loading his shopping into the car the defendant's mother pulled up next to him. Mr Gouvier noticed they did not have a disabled badge. He went and spoke to the mother saying 'Please don't park there.'”

McKenna then attacked Mr Gouvier leaving him with two fractures to the cheekbone, two black eyes and also a fracture to lower rim of the left eye socket.

Dermot Clarke, defending, handed the court a medical report saying McKenna suffered a “significant negative impact” to his mental health last time he was jailed.

"He is remorseful about this offence and he would like the opportunity to apologise," he said.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC said it was a “cowardly” attack and McKenna deserved to go straight to prison.

The judge deferred sentence on him for six months to see if he can stay out of trouble, save £500 to pay compensation, get mental health treatment and overcome his cannabis habit.

"Mr Gouvier has had to suffer the consequences of that assault for some time. He also feels rather less confident about going out in public in case he meets someone else like yourself who attacks him for no good reason.”

The judge told McKenna to return for sentence on 24th July with £500 and proof from his doctor that he had been undergoing weekly mental health treatment.