A MALMESBURY couple whose family were hit by the Philippines Typhoon, are trying to raise money for victims.

Tom and Edith Loft were devastated when they heard what had happened in Edith’s home country in November when it was savaged in by what is believed to have been the strongest typhoon ever recorded.

It killed more than 6,000 people, affected over 11 million and left many homeless. Bodies are still being found.

“Her cousins and relatives were desperately hit. They had nowhere to go and no food, nothing,” said father of fiveTom.

Their home in the south of the country was less badly affected than others, but still the damage and loss was horrendous.

“We just want to make some sort of effort to pay back the friendship.” He explained members of the family would meet them at the airport, welcome them into their homes and help them keep and eye on Edith’s property.

“When we go on holiday there they cannot look after us enough, they are so helpful.”

The couple, who have three children together, Christine, Charlene and Theresa, met in Singapore 14 years ago. Tom then brought Edith back to Malmesbury, which has been his home for almost 30 years.

Thousands of miles away and unable to offer any practical help, Tom and Edith decided they would try to raise money that would be sent through church channels to give direct aid to victims who had lost their homes and possessions.

Because Tom is a musician the idea of a concert was obvious.

“I’ve always played in bands,” he said. “We thought what would be the best way to raise money.”

With the help of friends they organised an event for February 1 at the town hall including a list of local artists.

“It will be local people, local musicians and they will enjoy themselves. It is a good thing for Malmesbury to get people together,” he said.

The doors open at 5pm and admission is by donation.