DAILY operations at Kemble Farms have been unaffected despite a multi-million pound takeover by the Bathurst Estate last year.

David Ball, farming manager at Kemble Farms, told the Standard that the change in ownership has not had a significant implication on the day-to-day running of the site.

He said: “The farming operation has carried on the same since the Bathurst Estate bought the farms. It’s a limited company and all that has happened is that the shareholders have changed.

“It’s still the same business with the same people involved carrying out the same operation.”

Kemble Farms, which is made up of holiday cottages, an equestrian centre, farmland and a biogas plant, was bought by the Earl Bathurst last July.

It believed that the site was bought for around £60million, although a spokesman for the Bathurst Estate was unable to confirm this.

Speaking about the deal, Tristan Chippendale, deputy agent at the Estate, said: “It was just an opportunity that arose.”

For more information, visit www.kemblefarms.co.uk.