A FAMILY of four missing dogs from Syde have finally been reunited with their overjoyed owners, four months after they were stolen from their home.

The last of the four dogs, Jack, a black cocker spaniel, was returned to his owners Jess Ward and Tim Holmes, last week.

In early September the four working gun dogs, Jack, Bracken, Lulu and Azzy, were stolen from a cage outside their home in Syde.

English springer spaniels Bracken and Lulu were tracked down within a month after Gloucestershire police informed the Stolen and Stray pet recovery organisation.

Weeks later cocker spaniel Azzy was also returned to her owners but they gave up any hope of ever seeing Jack again.

“It was very frustrating as there was some clear indications as to where Jack had been, with many enquiries made in an effort to follow his trail,” said a Stolen and Stray spokesman.

The organisation then received an anonymous phone call saying Jack had been moved 200 miles away and he was then retrieved.

Where Jack was discovered cannot be reported at this time due to an ongoing police investigation.

Owner Jess Ward said: "Nobody believed we would get our dogs back. To have had one returned would have been marvellous, but for all four to now be safely back with us is beyond belief."