A CIRECESTER man has been forced to move within a mile of the woman he allegedly assaulted after security firm G4S was unable to keep a tab on his movements.

Dean Wood, 32, of the Waterloo in Cirencester, was bailed to live with his grandparents in Uley at a hearing earlier this month after being accused of three assaults on Tetbury woman Michelle Hellier.

Despite having an original bail condition to not enter Tetbury, a court has now allowed him to move in with his mother in Coronation Road, Tetbury after G4S was unable to track him electronically due to the poor phone signals in Uley.

Speaking at Gloucester Crown Court on Monday, January 20, Judge Jamie Tabor described Mr Wood’s Uley address as “down some deep valley”.

He said: “The current address is unsatisfactory for a number of reasons, the principal one being that G4S cannot get a signal to see if he is there or not.”

Nick Fridd, prosecuting, said he was concerned that the accused would now be living in the same town as Miss Hellier.

“The victim would be troubled by the defendant being as close as that,” he said.

Judge Tabor told the court that the prosecutor’s concern was valid but that it was not Mr Wood’s fault he could not be tracked.

“I think it would be unfair to withdraw bail just because G4S cannot receive the signal. But he is going to be curtailed by bail conditions,” he said.

“The complainant must be told this has happened and that if he makes any attempt to contact her either directly or indirectly she must report it instantly to the police and he will go into custody.”

Mr Wood was told to return to court for a plea and case management hear on Friday, March 28.