RESIDENTS in Bourton-on-the-Water have enquired about better lighting between the village tennis club and Rye Close as the dark evenings make the area dangerous.

At the last council meeting Cllr Tim Faulkner said the area was in pitch darkness in the evening.

“You cannot see a thing. It’s not acceptable in modern times; there are elderly people living around there too,” he said. “We need to push the Highways Agency and get someone there to have a look.”

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson has looked into ownership of the area and what can be done.

“A resident got in touch with me about the lack of street lighting in the area as they felt it was especially dangerous in winter months,” he said.

“I got in touch with the Highways Agency but they do not believe they have ownership of the area. Neither do the Tennis Club or the Parish Council.

“At the moment we cannot move forward until we establish ownership but I’m pressing to get the lighting sorted soon to make the area safer.”