BUSINESS owners in Cirencester have said they are confident for 2014 despite Chancellor George Osborne warning traders nationwide not to get complacent.

The Chancellor said that 2014 was going to be a “year of hard truths” and business owners should not get over-confident or revert back to bad old habits.

He recently outlined plans for further spending cuts of £25 billion after the 2015 general election and said that while there had been a run of good jobs figures and business confidence, there was no reason for complacency.

Cirencester businessman Oli Christie said few businesses would be feeling over-confident and that positive signs should be acted on.

“I think 2014 will be a generally positive year for business,” he said. “There is definitely a growing confidence around and we can see that in Cirencester with the launch of two new restaurants, Stoney’s and Fratello’s, and many other start-ups that the future is looking rosier.”

He went on to say that his own firm, mobile games company Neon Play, was looking to grow again this year and that he was currently recruiting three more people.

New business owner Clare Cook has been running children’s clothes store Flutterby’s in Cirencester for just six weeks and is looking forward to the year ahead.

“It’s always a bit nerve-wracking for a first-time business and I gave up a full-time job to open my shop,” she said. “I’m confident though because of the good feedback I’ve been getting.

“I’m not expecting to make millions,” she added, “I’m just happy I’ve done it.”

President of Cirencester of Chamber of Commerce Anthony Flynn said businesses should keep thinking positive.

“I’m confident businesses in the town will do well in 2014. Being adaptable and keeping positive are also important factors though,” he said. “If you do something well, or much better than you used to, then now is the time to shout about it.”