FOLLOWING the news reported in the Standard and on our website last week that another company was looking at an alternative site for a Cirencester cinema, developers Wildmoor Properties Ltd have stressed that it is not possible to come up with plans for any scheme in Cirencester without years of preparation.

A spokesperson for Wildmoor said: "If people think there could be an alternative cinema scheme just round the corner, ready to roll out, they would be mistaken.

"They need to know how challenging it is redevelop in Cirencester, what with the town's archaeology and heritage concerns.

"Our scheme has been evolving through years of planning, design and consultation with archaeologists, heritage experts and planners. The Brewery Court scheme is current, real and now. Any new scheme would have to overcome the same challenges, and there is no quick fix.

"This scheme is supported by the Town Council and a majority of public consultation responses and we believe it offers a fantastic opportunity for Cirencester ... all we ask is that the scheme is judged on its own strengths and merits, rather than on what might happen in the future, in the same way that any major development proposal should be considered."

Yesterday, Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown came out strongly in support of the Brewery Court scheme and said it would be a great pity if it were turned down.

He said he had been made aware that planning officers at Cotswold District Council were recommending refusal of the application and as a result he had written a strong email to the Leader, Chief Executive and Principle Planning Officer of the District Council.

Mr Clifton-Brown has asked for the letter to be circulated to all members of the planning committee ahead of their meeting tomorrow urging them to support this application.

In his email he said: “I think this is a great pity as it seems to me this is a fantastic opportunity for the town to provide much need facilities, particularly for younger people.”

He went on: “All in all, to provide a brand new modern cinema, 100 student accommodation places and to smarten up a not terribly attractive part of the town, it seems to be exactly what the town is currently lacking and I sincerely hope that all your councillors considering this application will support it.”

* The Standard would like to make it clear that there is currently only one planning application for a cinema complex under consideration by CDC planners, that submitted by Wildmoor Properties Ltd.