ONE of the most popular food trends in the country will be arriving in Cirencester…in the back of a 1970s Citroen van.

The quaintly named Little Green Wiggly Machine is set to pull up in the town’s Abbey Grounds next month to serve some of the most diverse street food dishes available.

The van’s head chef, Laurence Kapoor, told the Standard what customers can expect when the Little Green Wiggly Machine rolls into town.

He said: “We’re going to be selling lots of really interesting world foods, like Indian curries and jerk chicken.

“All the meals are made from really healthy foods, everything is going to be really nutritious.”

While the van will act as a takeaway restaurant during the day, it will take on a more humanitarian role when the sun goes down.

In the evenings the van will pop up in various locations across the county and act as Food Poverty Pop Up, where those who are homeless or finding it hard to eat can have a hot and healthy meal.

“We did this because there’s lots of food banks about at the moment, but what we found is that the food there isn’t always great,” said Laurence.

“But the food we’ll be giving out will be really nutritious and made with the nothing but the freshest ingredients.”

The team behind the Little Green Wiggly Machine have been trialling the upcoming menu at a restaurant in Cheltenham to rave reviews.

Laurence said: “We’ve been trying out the food for the last couple of weeks and it’s been going down really week, every serving has been a sell out.”

The Little Green Wiggly Machine will be trading in the Abbey Grounds in Cirencester from September with a single meal costing around £2.