A KEMBLE manufacturing company is offering the chance to transform anyone into their own unique Action Man or Barbie doll.

Cadventure, which is based on Kemble airfield, have teamed up with London scanning company Levavo to create the latest in novelty personalised gifts.

The two companies are able to make an action figure of a person so realistic that teeth, freckles and clothes creases will be show up on the person’s ‘mini me’.

Lisa Bewick, of Cadventure, said: “This is going to be a big tech story.

“There’s a big desire for a replacement for photography and this is it.”

This new project, which is the first of its kind in the UK, has proved massively popular.

“The response has been great. We’ve been very, very busy – it’s really building up in the London store.”

In order to have a figurine made, a person must book an appointment at the My3DTwin studio in London where their image will be captured by over 50 specially adapted cameras.

A 3D digital model of the image is then sent to a 3D printer where the perfectly formed model is made – the process usually takes 24 hours.

“At the moment, it’s for people who are wanting a more personalised gift,” said Lisa.

The models are made of a high-level composite, which feels similar to plastic.

The London studio offers a dressing room for customers so they can try out multiple looks or dress up as something else altogether.

There are plans to introduce a mobile studio so that people all over the country will have the chance to see themselves in miniature form.

Customers can choose from their models to come in three different sizes, with the largest standing at 18 inches.

Prices for the figurines range from £193 to £84. More information can be found online at www.levavo.com/my3dtwin.