PLANS for a proposed solar farm, to be built in the Gloucestershire countryside, were unveiled at Ampney Crucis village hall last night.

Residents were afforded the opportunity to discuss the plans with the developers and raise any questions or issues that they had.

Ben Wood, a town planner with Smiths Gore, rural surveyors who have been employed by the developer, said: “This is a stepping stone in the process really – to understand public interest and to answer any questions.”

SunEdison and Solar Planning Ltd, the developers of the project, intend to build the solar farm on 75 acres of land next to the B4425 road, close to Crucis Park Farm.

Solar farms work by installing large panels in open spaces that convert sunlight into electricity.

The farm at Ampney Crucis will be powerful enough to generate enough electricity to power approximately 5,100 homes.


Some residents were concerned last night over the impact such a farm would have on the visual landscape of the area, as there is already a solar farm in place at Castle Eaton.

Andy Hughes, 66, of Ampney Crucis, said: “I think there is a danger, what worries me is that one farm is built and then another and another. It’s a domino effect,” he said.

Mr Wood addressed such issues and told the Standard: “Every scheme is dealt with on its merits.

“We have to be mindful of the visual impact to the local residents. Part of our planning process is to ensure that the development is well contained.

“If we need to introduce new trees, then so be it,” he said.

The developers are hoping to put a planning application to Cotswold District Council by the end of July.

More information on the project is available at or by telephoning 0808 168 1678.