PRACTICAL help is being sought by the committee of volunteers formed to raise £100,000 for ex-army medic Katrina Brown’s lifesaving treatment.

Kat’s Kommittee, made up of fellow service wives at 29 Regt, South Cerney, friends and local residents, are working on a range of fundraising ideas to help the 30-year-old reach her target before November when the window of opportunity treatment is expected to close.

So far around £10,000 has been raised, including more than £3,000 from Standard readers. Donations from a few pounds to £1,000 have been received at our Dyer Street office since we launched the campaign last month.

One donor was little Mollie Tapping, aged 6, from Cirencester, who sent in £4. She wrote: “I read about you in the newspaper and I thought I should give you some money.

“I had two wobbly teeth, so I asked the tooth fairy if I could have a little extra money so I could give it to you. I hope it helps you get better soon.”

A Christmas Island nuclear testing veteran, who left a donation anonymously, said: “I hope it all goes well for you in the future.”

Another donor wrote: “I’m praying you reach the target and get the treatment you deserve. The Government should hang their heads in shame for not helping you.”

Katrina, who is suffering from systemic sclerosis, which attacks all her organs, has been told there is no treatment available in the UK. But she has discovered a hospital in Chicago that does offer stem cell treatment, using her own stem cells.

Her husband Martin and several colleagues are planning a series of half marathons at the barracks to raise money and fundraisers, from marathon runs to tea dances.

But the committee is looking for more help from people able to plan and run events or obtain grant funding.

The next event in the area is a book and DVD stall at the South Cerney Duck Race on Bank Holiday Monday.

Donations can be made to the Newsquest Katrina Appeal at 74 Dyer Street, Cirencester, GL7 2PW. See Katrina’s Stem Cell Fund on Facebook.