AMATEUR detectives are being asked to strap on their deerstalkers to help track down the owner of a painting stolen from a home near Tetbury almost 20 years ago.

The Arrest – a 28in by 36in oil painting by 19th century artist Charles Rossiter – was stolen from an address near Tetbury in January 1994 but was recovered last year by The Art Loss Register (ALR).

However, the owner of the painting cannot be found and the London-based organisation – which works to track down helping track down lost or stolen pieces of art and reunite them with their owners – has appealed to Standard readers for help.

Alice Farren-Bradley from ALR said the organisation works with police, insurers, underwriters and loss adjusters to identify owners, but in this case had been unsuccessful.

“We have been speaking to Gloucestershire police but, because of the date, they no longer have the details of the theft,” she said. “It’s not that common but it does happen.”

She added the painting’s rightful owner will be required to prove it is theirs, for example by producing a certificate of ownership or a photograph with it in.

“It’s the sort of work that is not of a high financial value but of a sentimental value,” she said.

The painting came to light when previous owners – who did not know it had been stolen –offered it for sale.

A spokesman from Gloucestershire police said it may still be possible to identify the original record of the crime but it is an extremely complex process due to the length of time and the change in the force’s systems over the past 20 years.

Anyone who can help can contact ALR on 0207 841 5789 or