BLACK ice has caused dozens of collisions across Wiltshire this morning.
Police are currently dealing with a two-car incident on the A429 at Crudwell that has caused long tailbacks – one of 53 incidents. Brinkworth is also badly affected with several collisions.
A total of 28 involve minor injuries while 25 are non-injury.
Supt Nick Ashley said: "We have had a unprecedented number of road traffic accidents this morning.

"Thankfully, although there have been some injuries, these have not been serious but it is only a matter of time if motorists do not take care on the roads.
“After the heavy rain most of the grit that was placed on the roads during the snow has been washed away by the rain, this has then frozen and left black ice all over the roads,” he explained.
Gritters are currently out working in the worst affected areas.