ALTHOUGH the snow is forecast to come to an end in the next few days, gritting of major roads across Gloucestershire is set to continue.

Tomorrow is expected to be dry in most areas, with a small amount of wintery weather on Friday.

This will be followed by wet and windy weather at the weekend but with very low chance of snow.

Although all roads in Gloucestershire are now open, drivers are warned there may be ice, snow and slush patches on some roads.

Residents are also being reminded that towns and parishes have only limited stocks of grit, although some councils may have stockpiles.

Vulnerable residents are also warned to take care walking on pavements in rural areas.

Area highways manager John Kay said the end of the bad weather should mean highways teams were able to deal with minor roads in the county.

“As the road network returns to normality we would urge people to still be prepared for further potentially icy conditions that could affect their journeys,” he said.