A GROUP of Scouts in Tetbury went the extra mile to make sure everyone in the town got their Christmas cards last month – even when they did not know who they were for.

Every Christmas for the past 30 years the town’s Scouts, Cubs and Beavers have been raising funds by delivering letters and cards but faced a problem last month when one card was only addressed to "Katie and Tom" - with no other way of identifying them.

Scout leader Peter Hodgson said the group had not let that deter them from making sure the card reached its destination.

"My wife Eileen went onto Facebook to see if any of her friends knew who they might have been and asked around locally," he said.

"It’s quite a small town and we knew someone would know them."

Through the magic of social media, Katie and Tom were tracked down and the festive greeting was delivered as planned, along with 2,500 others.

Children aged six to 14 are always welcome to join Tetbury Scouts, Cubs and Beavers. For information contact Peter Hodgson on 01666 503 686