WOULD-BE airline pilot Jack Godwin is set for take off on his dream career after being issued with his private pilot’s licence on his 17th birthday.

But the teenager still needs mum Heidi to taxi him around on the ground because he can’t yet drive a car.

Jack, who featured in the Standard last year when he completed his first solo flight on his 16th birthday, actually passed his flying test a few weeks ago while he was still 16, but couldn’t have his licence until he was officially 17.

He had to pass written exams including radio transmission and navigation as well as a two-hour night flight before he could actually take his test.

“I wasn’t really nervous,” he told the Standard. “The week before I’d been flying every day. When I was up there I had a few moments when I thought: ‘Oh dear.’ But on the way back in the examiner just congratulated me and shook my hand.”

Jack, who is aiming to join a commercial pilot training school as soon as he can, funded his flying lessons with Cotswold Flying School at Kemble by going into business mowing lawns and doing odd jobs. He now has to rebuild his savings to start driving lessons.

“It’s just the way it has worked out. It’s quite nice to know I have the option to go anywhere in Europe,” he said. “And with car insurance the price it is now it is probably cheaper to fly, in some respects.”

Meanwhile Heidi is trying her best not to worry. “I’m getting more used to it,” she said. “It is a great achievement, absolutely wonderful. Hopefully he can fly me out to my mother’s place in Northern Germany next year.”