LONG-AWAITED improvements at a Cotswolds train station have been widely welcomed.

Although Kemble station provides a crucial link between the Cotswolds and the wider area, there is only a single track to Swindon, severely limiting the number of trains which can travel to and from the station.

Limited parking has also created problems for commuters and people living in the village.

Now, however, work has begun to double capacity between Kemble and Swindon by adding a second a second track, allowing four trains to travel along the route every hour.

Planning permission has also been granted for an additional 42 parking spaces at the station, which it is hoped will relieve the problem of commuters parking on residential streets throughout the village.

Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said he was delighted the work was going ahead.

"The doubling of the line between Kemble and Swindon is something that I have been campaigning on for a number of years," he said. "I am also pleased that work will be proceeding to enlarge the car park which should relieve parking pressure on the street in Kemble village."

He added he was pleased the station’s garden was also set to be restored, saying: "When all of this is complete Kemble should be a fantastic place to welcome visitors and locals to the Cotswolds."

Kemble and Ewen Parish Council recently formed a working group to address parking problems in the village and chairman Cllr Roger Pettit said he welcomed the news.

"The additional spaces are certainly necessary and I believe will help with the nuisance parking," he said.

"However, I anticipate that some commuters will persist with roadside parking rather than pay the station parking fee, so we shall still need to find a solution to this."