WITH all the news of the Olympics in the headlines, enjoy a clown-based comedy based on the stories of the Ancient Greeks and the Olympic Games tomorrow (Friday, 8pm) at Swindon Arts Centre.

It's an 'undiscovered' Aristophanes comedy telling the story of three Greek nobodies caught up in a celestial bet between Zeus, Hera and Hercules.

Unwitting heroes: Stanzas (a terrible poet), Darius (the runt of the litter) and Hermaphrodite (born a girl) travel to compete in the ancient Olympics and take on the heroes of the sporting world with epic results for mankind. The three actors play multiple roles. They sing, dance and fall about a lot against a backdrop of shadows and clever props with live and recorded music. Spike Theatre use clever theatrical techniques to tell a gripping story on stage to a live audience. Prepared to be amazed by the simple, yet clever piece of stunning visual theatre. Spike Theatre has been touring shows since 1997 and The Games is their 12th touring show. If you are looking forward to the Olympics in London this year then this is certainly a show for you. For ages 12+ (contains scenes of simulated nudity)