THE Prickles and Fur art exhibition in the Hare Gallery at The Corinium Museum, Cirencester runs from April 2-14. The exhibition aims to celebrate British wildlife, in all of its forms, but also to raise awareness of its plight. It will feature intricate paintings by wildlife artist, Cath Hodsman and also showcase art by children from local schools, who enjoy celebrating the same important subject in art form.

The exhibition has been organised by the Help-a-Hedgehog Hospital - a non- profit making organisation attached to the British Hedgehog Society, whose aim is to raise awareness of the endangered status of British hedgehogs. The group educates and informs the public about this critical situation and rehabilitates and cares for hedgehogs throughout Gloucestershire.

At the show, there will be a chance to learn more about these iconic British animals and also an opportunity to purchase a selection of Cath Hodsman's wildlife prints. A percentage of all sales will be donated to this important cause.